003 - Gildardo Lopez
003 - Gildardo Lopez

003 - Gildardo Lopez

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A beautiful washed Pink Bourbon from Copa de Oro champion Gildardo Lopez in Colombia.

From Christopher: "Pink Bourbon—a variety distinct from Bourbon that genetic testing has revealed to be, in fact, an Ethiopian landrace—has been a favorite of mine since they first started appearing on my cupping tables back in 2016 or 2017. Since then, we've seen an explosion of Pink Bourbon around Southern Huila. It's not surprising to me that this coffee from Gildardo Lopez—the 2022 winner of the Copa de Oro quality competition held by the exporter Osito—was one of my favorites through all three rounds of the Copa de Oro competition held in La Plata, Huila, Colombia in November 2023. In the cup, it's expressive and sweet with notes of peach candy, black raspberry, melon, and a touch of herbality."

Put this coffee into context.

Due to limited availability (15kg of green) this coffee is available only in 200g boxes.

This coffee will be roasted the week of March 24, 2024.

TASTING NOTES: Peach candy, black raspberry, melon, herbal
Roasted light to push forward sweetness but developed enough to render juicier fruit
ACIDITY: Very complex, structured fruit acidity with high quality; suggestive of red currants, grapefruit and berries
FUNK: If you're sensitive, it can be a tiny bit pulpy (but not quite "funky"). Depending on how it's aging, it can vacillate between blueberry gushers with Ethiopian vibes to melon-blackberry.
FOR FANS OF: Complex, intensely flavored Pink Bourbons that are sweet and plush; clean but fruity washed coffees

FARMGATE PRICE: $6.5m COP per carga
FOB PRICE: $9.35 per lb
LANDED PRICE: $10.85 per lb

Gildardo's pink bourbon lot was the second-highest score in Osito's Copa de Oro competition, where over 200 smallholders submitted samples for participation. Based on the competition prize rules, Gildardo was paid a price of $6.5 million pesos per carga for this 90kg lot.

At the time of the auction in November, the exchange rate was roughly 0.00024529 COP per USD. Assuming a milling performance (factor de rendimiento) of 90, this translates to roughly a farmgate price of $7.45 USD per lb of exportable green coffee.

While this is clearly a premium over typical export pricing (even for coffees of this quality), the noticeably high differential between fargmate and export price (FOB) is attributed to (1) the high cost of milling and sorting small lots, (2) the cost of hosting the competition which was designed to solicit smallholder participation and year-over-year purchasing commitment from roasters, and (3) subsidizing the premium payments offered as prizes to the winners of the competition.

Pink Bourbon grown at 2,000 masl BY Gildardo Lopez Hoyos at El Calamar in El Carmen, Paicol, Huila, Colombia; selectively hand-picked, sorted and floated in October 2023; fermented for 30 hours in cherry; pulped and sorted; fermented dry for 48 hours; dried on raised beds for 20-25 days under shade; exported and imported by Osito

I recommend resting this coffee for 2-3 weeks from its roasted date filter brewing and 4-5 weeks for espresso-style preparation (though you may wish to try it earlier to enjoy how the coffee changes and opens over time).

As filter, I prefer a ratio of 1:17 using low-agitation methods of extraction resulting in 22-23% EY.