002 - Maria Nieves
002 - Maria Nieves

002 - Maria Nieves

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This coffee was roasted on 9 March 2024.

A washed gesha grown at high elevations by Maria Nieves on her Cup of Excellence winning farm.

From Christopher: "This is my first purchase through Yellow Rooster and my first from Maria Nieves Tantalean Fernandez, whose leadership of Asprocafe Alpes Andinos ensures a fair price for the members of the cooperative. While women remain both marginalized and minorities within the global supply chain, research demonstrates that involving women in finances of production leads to greater financial security and equity for producers. This coffee comes from Maria's first harvest of gesha from her 1.5 hectare, Cup of Excellence top-placing farm and exemplifies the quality potential of Peruvian coffee—presenting in the cup with notes of wild blueberry, tangerine, mandarin orange and thyme."

This was roasted on 9 March 2024.

TASTING NOTES: Wild blueberry, tangerine, mandarin orange, thyme
This coffee is roasted very light to modulate its flavors toward laser-beam fruit character and brightness and steer clear of overripe fruit blue notes. There should be no detectable notes of "roast" in any brew method or extraction level.
ACIDITY: Controlled and articulate citrus acidity
FUNK: Very little; some slight jammy blackberry/blueberry but presents as bright and ripe
FOR FANS OF: Expressive, juicy, berry-forward but clean geshas; woman producers

FARMGATE PRICE: 4650 soles per quintal of parchment
FOB PRICE: $11.89 per lb
LANDED PRICE: $19.95 per lb

This lot was created from cherry grown at Maria's farm, El Limón. It was the first harvest of gesha—a tree that is lower-yielding and that requires both more inputs and space. Smaller lots like this one (which was just 276kg parchment in total) are more expensive to process, mill and ship. The "performance" of this lot—the yield of milled green coffee relative to the parchment also contributes to the cost, as the 276kg of parchment yielded just 208kg of green coffee (75%).

The price paid to Maria for this lot—4650 soles per quintal (75kg) of parchment, or the equivalent of $10.11 per pound of green coffee—was quite a bit higher than the local average of 700-750 soles and C-market price of $1.65 per lb owing to the exceptional quality of the coffee, small lot size, long history between Yellow Rooster (the buyer) and Maria, and the desire to promote continued development of high quality coffee.

The difference between export price and farmgate price is attributable to milling, defect removal, sampling, transportation, administrative fees, export logistics, and a special commission paid for geshas.

The difference between export price and landed price is attributable to import logistics ($0.83 per lb), customs release ($0.18 per lb), and Yellow Rooster's overhead.

Overall, Maria captured 51.8% of this landed coffee's price.

Gesha grown at 1850 masl using organic methods by Maria Nieves at El Limón in Barro Negro, Cajamarca, Peru; selectively hand-picked and sorted in November 2022; fermented in cherry for 12 hours; pulped and floated; fermented in tile tanks under water for 24 hours; washed; dried on raised beds under shade for 20-25 days; exported through ASPROCAFE; imported by Yellow Rooster

I recommend resting this coffee for 2-3 weeks from its roasted date filter brewing and 4-5 weeks for espresso-style preparation (though you may wish to try it earlier to enjoy how the coffee changes and opens over time).

As filter, I prefer a ratio of 1:17 using low-agitation methods of extraction resulting in 22-23% EY.

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