001 - Finca San Jerónimo Miramar
001 - Finca San Jerónimo Miramar

001 - Finca San Jerónimo Miramar

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This coffee was roasted on 9 March 2024.

A washed gesha grown in an agroforestry setting applying industry-leading soil fertility management practices in Guatemala.

From Christopher: "This is my first purchase through Finca San Jerónimo Miramar, a farm I've admired for many years and whose coffee I first had the privilege of roasting in 2018 as part of the Germs and Worms presentation by Lucia Solis and Sam Knowlton during SCA Expo in Boston that year. FSJM's integrated agroforestry farm system is industry-leading for both economic and environmental sustainability and showcases a model for resiliency against climate change, C-market volatility, and the disruptions of global shipping leading to shortages of imported agricultural inputs. This coffee demonstrates that Panama and Colombia don't have a monopoly on excellent geshas and presents with notes of jasmine, tangerine pulp, and dark raspberry."

This was roasted on 9 March 2024.

TASTING NOTES: Jasmine, tangerine pulp, dark raspberry
Very light, designed to showcase the resonant florality of this gesha and hint at its apricot/stonefruit/raspberry undertones. There should be no "roast" flavor in any brew method or extraction level.
ACIDITY: Medium to high acidity; tangerine-like
FUNK: 0/10. None at all.
FOR FANS OF: Clean, washed, floral geshas; light roasts; Guatemalan coffees that taste like we remember them tasting 10 years ago; agroforestry; industry-leading environmental- and farm systems management practices.

FARMGATE PRICE: (self exported)
FOB PRICE: $15.75/lb
LANDED PRICE: $15.75 per lb

This lot was created from cherry grown at Finca San Jeronimo Miramar. Coffee at FSJM grows under the shade of hardwood trees—a much more lucrative but aperiodic cash crop—and are meant to provide yearly liquidity.

Gesha grown at 1630 masl in an organic agroforestry setting by Giorgio Bressani and his family on Volcan de Atitlan, Guatemala; selectively hand-picked and sorted in December 2022; pulped and floated; fermented dry in concrete tanks for 24 hours; washed; dried on raised beds;
self-exported; imported by DHL

I recommend resting this coffee for 4-5 weeks from its roasted date filter brewing and 6-7 weeks for espresso-style preparation (though you may wish to try it earlier to enjoy how the coffee changes and opens over time).

As filter, I prefer a ratio of 1:17 using low-agitation methods of extraction resulting in 22-23% EY.